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2017 Cast Video

John, 29-04-2017

Miss the show? Re live just one part of our show, the cast video, everyone had a great time putting this together!!

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The singing and dancing spectacle - News Coverage

26/04/2017 by Wagga Wagga Takes 2

Prime 7 News coverage of Wagga Wagga Takes 2 2017

Wagga Takes 2 2017 found coverage on a local news edition

Huge Result for Wagga Wagga Takes 2 - 2017

25/04/2017 by Wagga Wagga Takes 2

Wagga Takes 2 2017 has been sung, and some of the money has been counted...wow what a result!

Show Week

16/04/2017 by Michael Patterson

its show time!

WWT2 Photo Gallery

15/03/2017 by WWT2 News

The WWT2 Photo Gallery is available to the public to re-live all of the past performances.